Syria's Flag

Syria's flag has changed like many others due to civil war and disagreement between the government.This is a photo of the Syrian independence flag, the other side shows the same flag but with two red stars and a red line at bottom representing the Arab Republic of Syria.


The government of Syria is a mix of unlimited and limited government. Since they are in what you could call civil war there are many different opinions.They( as in not the separatists) are led by Bashar Al-Assad. The president is voted into office.I could not find a direct document so Ill have to assume since there apart of the U.N. that it is not that different from the U.S. citizens responsibilities.

Syrian landmarks

Syria Is Located in Eastern Europe,or the Middle East.

Major Bodies of water

The most major body of water near Syria is the Mediterranean Sea.Others include lakes, ponds, and very few rivers.

Human environment Interaction

The Syrians cut down trees for timber and farmland.There problem with pollution has become serious and they are losing farm money more and more as the soil grows to hard with the climate getting hotter and hotter.

Life expectancy, Literacy Rate, and birth Rate

The Life expectancy in Syria is around 74 years.The Literacy rate is at 85 percent.However the birth rate is at around 22 per 1000, not much ever since the 2000's.

The Drinking water

The Syrian people get most of there water from underground in wells.They also get there water from important rivers although few appear.


The major Language

Most Syrians have come to speak Arabic. Most likely do to refugees and culture diffusion.


Some Major changes where the Ottomans, as they took more and more territory starting the year 1579 to 1918. They where a heavy influence on Syrian culture. Another major change was the control of the French Government from around 1923 to 1946 and influenced the current bank and modern Syria we know today.


The climate in Syria is a Mediterranean climate since it is bordering the Mediterranean sea, overall affecting the climate.

How the Climate affects the country

As the time goes by Syria gets hotter and hotter and the grass gets dryer and hard to grow in. The droughts have increased more inland to, causing most to move closer to the Mediterranean.