World War I

Conflicts In Europe Arise

Leaders In The War

American President Woodrow Wilson

Wilson spent 1914 through to the beginning of 1917 trying to keep America out of the war in Europe. On December 18, 1916, Wilson unsuccessfully offered to mediate peace. As a preliminary he asked both sides to state their minimum terms necessary for future security.The U.S. maintained neutrality despite increasing pressure placed on Wilson after the sinking of the British passenger liner RMS Lusitania with arms and American citizens on board. Wilson found it increasingly difficult to maintain U.S. neutrality after Germany initiated a program of unrestricted submarine warfare early in 1917 that threatened U.S. commercial shipping. Wilson declared war afterwards and the U.S. became part of the Allied Forces.

German Emperor Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albrecht

Emperor Wilhelm was the last kaiser in Germany Wilhelm was a friend of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, and he was deeply shocked by his assassination. He offered to help Austria-Hungary on crushing the Black Hand, the Serbian terrorist group responsible for the attack. After Austria-Hungary sent the ultimatum to Serbia, and France and the United Kingdom united to help Serbia, he replied that the United Kingdom was only using an excuse to go to war against Germany. He joined the central powers shortly afterwards.

Newspaper Headlines

-"America Enters European War"

-"Great Britain Declares War On Germany"

-"People Demand Peace"


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