civil rights for blacks

By Elizabeth Tachell

To what degree has the civil rights movement contributed to making the United States a more equal and just society ?

A New Making

"To what degree has the civil rights movement contributed to making the Untied States a more equal and just society." The civil rights movement was a major contributor in the world we know today. In 1954, segregation was one of the main reasons why the civil right movement was started. Black people were treated horribly by white people. We treated them like some disease. what strategies were used , who helped with the movement, the songs that were made, the events that took place, and the people or groups who helped.

strategies and Tactics for freedom against segregation

The civil rights movement was a really hard time for blacks so they made some strategies in order to help them succeed. They always used non-violence to solve their problems, they walked, sued, spoke their minds at rally's.

One of the most used strategies is boycotting.

they would go against the law and protest against everything. One of the most famous boycott was Rosa parks, she stat in the front of the bus instead of moving to the back.

Another way was to march places, they would march from town to town wanting to be heard, they wanted to annoy people so that they could give them what they deserve. Most of the time when they would march their would be an angry crowed waiting for them . They would stop using any transportation that they had to pay money on and the people who own those things lost money.

Multiply groups were formed in order to help black get civil rights like the SCLC focused its efforts in the urban centers, SNCC‘s activities were concentrated in the rural Black Belt areas of Georgia , Alabama, and Mississippi, where white resistance was intense. Although the NAACP and the predominantly white Congress of racial equality (CORE) also contributed activists to the Mississippi movement, young SNCC organizers spearheaded civil rights efforts in the state.

Two forgotten hero's during the civil rights movement

Bayard Rustin was a leading civil rights activist who organized the March on Washington, where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famed “I Have a Dream” speech. Rustin advised King on Gandhian civil disobedience tactics, and he and King founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.


Hosea Williams was a member of Martin Luther King Jr.’s inner circle and served as a trusted confidant to MLK. He dedicated his life to public service and founded the organization “Hosea Feed the Hungry and the Homeless,” one of the largest holiday social services in North America.

"Oh Freedom" by Shirley Verrett“Oh Freedom” harkened back to the slave days with phrase “Before I’ll be a slave, I’ll be buried in my grave, and go home to my Lord and be free,” inspiring the call for freedom in the Civil Rights movement. The spiritual Oh Freedom! probably came into being soon after the end of slavery. Like many African American spirituals, the song has more than one meaning. Not only does it refer to freedom in the world to come after death, as many slave spirituals do, but it celebrates their new freedom in the here and now. In the 1950s and 1960s, the song was commonly sung as part of the Civil Rights Movement.

Top five events for civil rights movement

Most important event for me was when king made the "I had a Dream", speech because it had created an new hope for blacks.

Second event was Montgomery bus boycott, where Rosa parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat.

Third event the 14th Amendment was put into place -Constitutional amendment forbids any state from depriving citizens of their rights and privileges and defines citizenship

Fourth event was Little Rock Central High School desegregated, After Little Rock school board votes to integrate schools, National Guard troops prevent black children from attending school. 1000 federal paratroopers are needed to escort black students and preserve peace. Arkansas Gov. Faubus responds by closing schools for 1958-59 school year

And lastly the Civil Rights Act passed, Overcoming Senate filibuster, Congress passes law forbidding racial discrimination in many areas of life, including hotels, voting, employment, and schools

who was involved?

Freedom Riders

The first freedom ride took place on May 4, 1961 when seven blacks and six whites left Washington, D.C., on two public buses bound for the Deep South. They intended to test the Supreme Court's ruling in Boynton v. Virginia (1960), which declared segregation in interstate bus and rail stations unconstitutional. The group traveled from Birmingham to Montgomery without incident, but on their arrival in Montgomery they were savagely attacked by a mob of more than 1000 whites.


The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) is a U.S. civil rights organization that played a pivotal role for African Americans in the Civil Rights Movement. Founded in 1942, CORE was one of the "Big Four" civil rights organizations, along with the SCLC, the SNCC, and the NAACP.a primarily black organization, CORE continued to press for political and economic justice for blacks while also lending its voice to the rising antiwar movement.