The Weekly

Children speak out

There has been a nonstop debate about whether or not gay marriage should be legalized in the U.S. Recently the population of homosexuals has been increasing over the years. There is honestly no problem with being gay.

Many celebrities are homosexual and people still love them or ignore that part of them in general. A celebrity is no different than an average person, their lives are just shown in front of a camera 24/7. Homosexuals should be allowed to go and do things like regular couples. After all, their human too.

Some places and people kick homosexuals out of their stores because they believe that being gay isn't right. Being kicked out of a place for simply loving each other, is wrong and immoral. If people who do not love each other at all can get married on t.v. shows for entertainment and fame, then homosexuals should be allowed to get married.

There's many videos on the internet about how young kids respond to homosexuals showing affection or getting married. Nine out of ten kids respond with aw, and that’s so cute. When asked if gay marriage should be allowed, these kids say yes, they obviously love each other. We humans learn to attack each other verbally, mentally, and physically. If children can say yes to gay marriage why can't adults.

When homosexuals show affection for each other in public it's recognized as immoral and disgusting. Think about it, homosexuals may find it disgusting or immoral that straight people show affection for each other in public, but they keep to themselves. Why, because its obvious that they love each other.

For discriminating and hating on homosexuals doesn't make you anymore of a man or women. Gay marriage should be allowed and accepted. They are humans too.

Cell Phone Prohibition

Teachers always gripe at students for being on their phones during class time. It has come down to whether or not students should have their cellphones taken up before school starts and then returned at the end of the day. Taking a students cell phone before starting school would be a terrible idea.

If a student would rather be on their cell phone in class instead of engaging in the lesson at hand, then that is their problem. Taking away their cell phone is not going to make a difference. If they don’t want to listen then their not going to listen.

When a teacher stops in the middle of class to take a cell phone from a student it creates a huge scene during class time. Therefore decreasing the learning time of students who are there to learn. Teachers should not make a big deal out of it and let students who want to learn, learn.

Also, many teachers let students use their smart phones during class time. When a computer is not provided for students they are allowed to use their phones to look up information online.

Furthermore, students use their phones during the day to get in touch with their parents and let them know whether their staying before or after school, and when a change of plans happens. Taking kids cell phones would prevent them from doing exactly that. Parents do not like last minute information especially if they get there to pick their child up and find out they wasted gas because their staying after.

Therefore, taking up a students cell phone would be a bad idea. It will create a controversy between students at school thus making them more distracted then they are. If students would rather be on their cell phones during school then pay attention or doing their work, then let them. Don’t take away learning time from those who want to learn.

The Truth About Dance

Dance has been a major part in everyone's lives, but little do we know the truth about dance. LCM Sophomore, Monica Ibarra, talks about the hard work and pain from dance.

Ms. Ibarra just recently quit dance due to spending so much time at the studio and the hard work.

"Dance is HELL! You get home from school grab a snack and then your off to the studio and your there for the next few hours," said Ms. Ibarra. "It really does take up most of your day."

She loves dancing but it leaves her body in aches. There's always those places that hurt that nobody knew could hurt. We walk on our feet all day so why not dance on them too. Little did she know it truly hurts your feet.

"It destroys your feet," said Ms. Ibarra. "I remember coming home with blisters up and down my feet, it hurt so bad."

Girls can be extremely cruel and cruel they were. Ms. Ibarra talked about how they made rude comments about each other.

"The girls there were very judgmental," said Ms. Ibarra."They always made comments about you messing something up or not wearing the same clothes they wore. They were just very rude and stuck up."

Ms. Ibarra really enjoyed dance but it was hell. She now plans to spend her spare time doing better things that won't hurt her already sore feet and give her aches and be around people who put her down. Is dance really worth all the trouble and money?

A New Outlook

Humans need change or something different to happen. That's what we strive for.

LCM Sophomore, Caitlyn Permenter, talks about how something so simple gives people a new perspective or outlook on life.

To begin, who knew changing the color of your room would help you sleep at night? Bright walls tend to be hard to sleep with but darker walls makes it easier.

"I chose black because its my favorite color, but it also helps me sleep better at night," said Ms. Permenter.

Not only does it help your sleep habits, but it gives something different to do instead of the same routine.

"It was a lot of fun to do something different and having a Marie to help me," said Ms. Permenter. "Even though it was hell and my arms hurt severely after, it was worth it."

The color of your walls reflect a persons mood. If they dislike the color of their home, that person will tend to be in a worse mood.

"White walls were every where!" said Ms. Permenter. "It was way too bright and I hate the color white. Black is the way to go. It helps you sleep."

Ms. Permenter really loves her sleep and so does the rest of us. Sleep well tonight and paint your walls the color you like.