Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, and Radial Balance

Symmetrical Balance

Symmetrical balance is when each side of a room or area is the exact same. For example, the picture above shows a gym being the exact same on each side, therefore it has symmetrical balance.

Asymmetrical Balance

Asymmetrical balance is when both sides of a room or area is not the same on each side. For example, Mrs.Edar's room has asymmetrical balance because the desks are combined in groups with no order.

Radial Balance

Radial balance is when objects are aligned in a circular pattern around a main point in a room or area. For example, Mr.Rosentreter's room has radial balance because all the desks are set around the room in a circular pattern, based around the main desk.

Favorite Balance

My favorite type of balance is asymmetrical balance because it dosn't hold you to any boundaries. You can put one piece of major furniture on one side then another piece of furniture on the other side.