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Favorite App

My favorite app is Call of Duty World At War. In Call of Duty World At War you kill zombies. You can also play multiplayer. You can also play Campaign. If you are bored, you can play in local against enemies. You can also invite your friends if you have online and play with them too in local. Overall I think this is a fun app!
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The Ant and the Cricket

During the wintertime, an ant was living off the grain that he had stored up for himself during the summer. The cricket came to the ant and asked him to share some of his grain. The ant said to the cricket, 'And what were you doing all summer long, since you weren't gathering grain to eat?' The cricket replied, 'Because I was busy singing I didn't have time for the harvest.' The ant laughed at the cricket's reply, and hid his heaps of grain deeper in the ground. 'Since you sang like a fool in the summer,' said the ant, 'you better be prepared to dance the winter away!'

Call of Duty Black Ops

I love camping with my sniper and quickscoping. In every game I get a kill with the tomahawk. Sometimes I get the final killcam with the tomahawk. When I get bored, I use my target finder and get a triple kill. When I just don't want to play multiplayer, I go to zombies and survive 39 rounds. When we are playing in big maps, I get my sniper and quick scope. In town I was playing with my friends and I got 39 revives. In Express I got a kill chain with the peacekeeper. I was playing against my friends and I got the final killcam and a megakill. I got a backstabber in Nuketown 2025 on the garage. Once I got multi-kill with the tomahawk on Raid. I'm so good at videogames that my score per minute is 539. I got to prestige master in three months. I have diamond and gold on all my snipers. Once in Raid, I stole a care package and got a missile. Overall, I love playing video games in my free time.