Read this to discover how to keep safe online!

How can I be e-safe?

There are many ways to be safe online, and they are very important. Please take some time to find out how to be more safe online:

- Turn your privacy settings to friends only or private

- Report any abuse to CEOP, a great way to stop anything bad

- Never tell anyone your school, house number or any personal info

Who am I protecting myself from?

Unfortunately on the internet and many social networking sites, there are many people who want to use them in the wrong ways. For example, some people might want to obtain your personal information to steal from your house, pretend to be someone that they are not, or possibly try and hook you.


Social networking sites

As you may know, there are many social networking sites around like facebook and Instagram. These sites are the main ones used by internet hookers, so you always need to be extra secure on these sites and turn any possible privacy settings on rather than the default of off. Make sure you don't speak to people you don't know!

Some social network sites to be careful on:

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