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Back to School Q&A

Back to School Q&A

Welcome Back to all the returning PTO members and Welcome to all new PTO members.

Q: I want to join the PTO. How do I do that?

A: Follow this link to our website and pick a membership level.

Q: What does my PTO membership pay for?

A: All money that the PTO raises goes toward supporting all the teachers, administrators and the school as a whole.

Q: Are there specific things the PTO is raising money for this year?

A: Dr Clark has put together the following wish list for this school year.

⁃ Student Bathroom Makeovers

⁃ Art Car (donated car)

⁃ Carpet removed and tile floor in the library.

⁃ Artificial grass or grass matting in outdoor space

⁃ Annual Teacher Allotment or supplies

⁃ Weatherproof plastic floor tiles on basketball court.

⁃ Rubber playground floor.

⁃ Outdoor stereo (portable or other ideas)

⁃ Outdoor Tables for student learning or lunches

Q: What are the above items going to cost?

A: We are working with the school on quotes for all items at this time. Updates will come as we receive them.

We have reached out to Knapp Chevrolet regarding the used car for the Art Car Parade.

The PTO will be giving each teacher a gift card to Amazon for $100 the first week of school to help with any additional supplies they may need. We also plan to provide this to them in Spring as well.

We will be purchasing the outdoor tables in the next month. We will be offering for families to sponsor a table for a certain amount and we will put a plaque on the table with the family's name.

Q: I signed up and paid my membership, now what?

A: 1. Volunteer! We are currently looking for volunteers for the following events at school:

Dollar Dress Down Fridays:

Monthly Teacher Appreciation:

Fall Festival:

Attend the monthly PTO meetings! They are held the first Thursday of each month at 6pm. The majority of the meetings will be held in the school's library. Dr Clark usually asks the after school staff to stay an extra hour to watch the kids while we meet! We may have meetings offsite as well to change things up.

Q: Can I pay for Dollar Dress Down Fridays for the whole school year?

A: At this time, no. We will not being doing a "pay in advance option"

Do you have additional questions that weren't answered here? Please feel free to reach out to the PTO - and we will answer your questions!