The City of Ember

By:Jeanne Duprau

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The Summary of lights

In the beginning all the kids in 8th grade get assigned a job.Then it also tells you about builders that decided to have instructions.These instructions that were set in a box that was suppose to open in 220 years. When Lena's little sister Poppy goes into Lena's grandma's closet she chews up the instructions.So Doon and Lena are trying to put the instructions back together. An then after they do Lena ask her grandma why she had that in her closet. An then that night Lena's grandma died that night.An Loper was giving food to Lizzie an was asking were he was getting all of that food. Loper said that he was steeling the food.So Lizzie kept it a secret soLoper doesn't get into any trouble.Then later on in the book Lina,Doon,andPoppy go to a different place to stay and they see all of this new things and they try to guestwhat the stuff is. If you want to find out then you should get all 4 of the books.

The characters of light

Advice Column

Dear,Aebi Poppy chewed up a map that leads us out of the City of Ember.Can you please please please help me try to figure out how to put back together.Love,Lina.

Dear , Lina Of course I can help you.Why don'tYou call over soon get some tape or glue and glue or tape it back together.Love,Aebi.


I think that when Loper stool from the store that it wasn't nice. Why, because what if someone needed that food.What they were homeless and needed that food to survive.Plus he needed to be honest.You should be honest because if not and if it was rellay bad you could go to jail.That is why you can't lye or steal.

Aebi Blake

I think you should read this book because.This is 1 good thing about the book.It teaches you about electrity. And here is a bad thing about.It has stealing in it. Which is in chapter 12.that is why I think you should read this book!

This is Jeanne Duprau

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Things to think of through out the book