Facts About Vietnam

Vietnam is in the continent Asia.Did you know that Asia is the largest continent?Here's proof of how Asia is the largest continent.Earth has 7 different continents.In order from largest to smallest,they're Asia,Africa,North America,South America,Antarctica,Europe,and Australia.My mom actually was born in Vietnam but when she was 15 her mom died so when she was 16 or about to turn 16 she moved to America.

The language that I speak is Vietnamese here are a couple of words translated from English to Vietnamese.Hi=chao Dog=cho Birthday=Ngay sinh nhat Vietnamese Noodle=Pho viet.The types of government for Vietnam are Communist,and Coalition.The top three major industries for Vietnam are food processing,garments,and shoes.The most famous food in Vietnam is Pho,Spring rolls,and Ban Mi.The name for Vietnam currency is dong.

Education in Vietnam is divided into 5 different levels:Preschool,Primary school,Secondary school,High school,and higher education.But the different thing is that you actually have to pay to get into a Vietnamese school.There are a lot of religions if your Vietnamese/Asian i'm actually Buddhism. Buddhism people go somewhere called a Temple it's actually like Church just that the kids don't have to pray all the time they either pray or go to the Vietnamese class and I usually go to the Vietnamese class cause I can learn more Vietnamese.The master for Buddhism people is a Monk and yes I also do believen God.The most popular sport in Vietnam is Soccer, The weather most of the time in Vietnam is HOT!!!!!!!!

Come Visit Vietnam

The reason why you should come visit Vietnam is because you'll taste food that you'll never want to leave Vietnam.The FUN thing about Vietnam is every night there's this little festival\carnival it is AWESOME!!!!!!!You could even rent a motorcycle and ride while you're at Vietnam.
National Anthem of Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) "Call to the Citizens" (Lyrics Correction)