MRHS Shout-Outs

Volume 6, Issue 27

24 April 2020

Jason M, Kim W., and Bryan W.

Thanks for the great teamwork with everything that has come up with the students in our "alpha" Great to work with a team who is always reliable and supportive.


Everyone that helped with Spirit Week and Prom...

Thank you to all the staff and students who were responsible for pulling off Spirit Week and the Virtual Prom. Even though are students are missing out on a lot - you are doing EVERYTHING to give them what we can. I appreciate all of you for that.

Kim W

Mitch Davis

Thanks for working with me on my ELL stuff and just being an all around awesome person. :) It was nice to chat with you today.


Tricia LaRue

Thank you so much for all your help with getting game night set up for my students - we had so much fun!! And thanks for being so patient with all the texts as well.


Thank you for all of your help with technology. You are so appreciated.

Kim W

Shout out to Tricia for making a video to help my students find articles with data for a project. So, so helpful!


Sunni Nucci

Thank you to Sunni Nucci for always being such a wonderful friend. Thank you especially for the memories, the laughs, and your wisdom this week - it was all much needed! XO


Avery Phillips

Thank you for all your help with applied biology. You have reached out to me and helped me modify for students during remote learning. Your help has been much appreciated!


Ian Simpson

Thanks for sending out some of the comments you have collected from students about staff members. Really appreciate you taking the time to do that.


Thank you so much for going around last weekend and presenting the Kings and Queens with their royalty. What a wonderful touch!!

Kim W

Sydney Street

Shout out to Sydney Street for making awesome edpuzzle videos for math 1.


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