The city-state, Athens

The most productive city-state

Where the city-state Athens lived

The city-state Athens lived right next to the ocean , this made the Athens' lives easier because they would be able to travel to other places easily by using the ocean.

The Cycladic art that the Athens made

Why I chose the Athens

I chose the city-state Athens because they were more productive and more nicer. The Athens cared about art and culture rather than strength. They may be productive and nice but they weren't fair to women, they didn't give them any rights and rights to join government. Slaves were treated differently they treated nicely, they were allowed to roam the city-state. Education in Athens were for men only, women weren't allowed to go to school, they were only taught how to keep a house.

When the Athens needed something they would travel to other city-states and trade with them, unlike the Spartans they used force to trade with other city-states. Athens weren't scared of any invaders they didn't have any walls to protect their city-state. The Spartans had walls around their city-state because they were afraid of any invaders, the Spartans only cared about strength. The Athens were very productive they loved art and made a lot of them. I chose the Athens because they were more productive and and I really love art, I'm not really all about strenght like the Spartans, I'm into art like the Athens.