Miss Maudie

Who she is...

Miss Maudie is the neighborhood nice lady also thought of as the "cake lady" ; she's a woman who loves her flowers, likes the neighborhood kids, and hates her old house. She spends most all of her time outside tending to her flowers. The kids have an understanding with miss. M that if they stay out of her front lot and out of her azaleas then they can still play in her yard and she will not get upset with them for not respecting her wishes. Some of the neighborhood ladies think that she is crazy for spending all of her time with her flowers and not inside studying the gospel; hence them thinking that she does things of less importance than those things that are of the higher importance in this time. In the chapter we are just meeting miss. Maudie honestly and so we really haven't gotten to the point of knowing her background.

Why has Harper Lee included Miss Maudie as a main character in the novel?

I believe Harper lee includes Miss Maudie as the main character because she begins to form a relationship with the main characters.