South Carolina

Where all your wishes and dreams come true

Land Quality

South Carolina has large coastal plantations and lots of land to be claimed. The Savannah River runs in between South Carolina and Georgia. Charles Town is a major city in our colony. Many lakes cover South Carolina and Lake Keowoe runs into a resevior.

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South Carolina grows many resources on large plantations, including tobacco, grain, sugar, and indigo. Our main crop is rice and we use slave labor to collect the resources quickly. Because of this, we are one of the richest colonies. Around the colony, we have trading centers.

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South Carolina has the protection of the British Navy. The Township Plan offers settlers and each of their family members 50 acres of land, food and equipment payments, and will waive the land taxes.
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In South Carolina, there is a mixture of religions, some of them being Catholics, Lutherans, and Jews. Here you can practice whichever religion you prefer unlike in England.

Who and why South Carolina was founded

South Carolina was founded by English colonists in 1663 called "The Group of Eight Proprietors. It was mainly founded for trade and farming, and those are some of the accupations that are available to settlers coming to South Carolina.

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