Promoting Collaboration

Between Stakeholders Involved in Special Education


“No single education stakeholder group can do the job ahead to transform schools. It will take all of us—teachers, education support professionals, principals, superintendents, school board members, parents, families, government leaders, business leaders, faith-based leaders” —Working Together, Dennis Van Roekel

Melissa Cortez, Charmarie Dotson, Brandi Veith, David Villarreal


Community Relationships for Schools

*Can offer financial support

*Can offer human resources (volunteers/mentors)

Best Practices

  • Mentors help build self-esteem of students
  • Volunteers can free up teachers' time/be an extra hand



Classroom Management/Teacher Collaboration

Classroom Management

*Have a well organized classroom

*Classroom should function well so all can be accommodated

Best Practices

  • set rules/consequences
  • set up room with "line of sight" in mind


Teacher Collaboration

*Teacher collaboration can help with less teacher turnaround

*New teachers can greatly benefit from a teacher mentor

Best Practices

  • Meetings to discuss lesson plans
  • Meetings to help new teachers


School Relationships and Collaboration

*GLA’s (Grade Level Administrators) provide support to staff

*Involve all who have an interest in students--parents, teachers, paraprofessionals with regular meetings

*Have a learning center with a collaborating staff to help those in need

Best Practices

  • Special education and regular education teachers work "together"
  • Both groups of teachers can help with self evaluation and share thoughts


Student Relationships and Family Relationships

Student Relationships

*Students/teachers must have respect for each other

*Students/teachers must have trust and understanding for each other

Family Relationships

*Take the time to get to know families, build a relationship

*Make sure families know that teachers want success for their child as much as they do

Best Practices

PTA/PTO's in schools help support

End of school year "parent" talent show; teachers and parents can visit in a fun setting