The Science of the Soccer Ball

Kadence, Jayden, Cora, Adrian, Kailey

Soccer Ball

Size 1 and 2 promotional soccer balls are for children of all ages. Size 3 balls are for kids under 8 years old. Size 4 balls are for ages 8 to 12. Size 5 balls are for ages 12 and up. Soccer balls are filled with 5 pounds of air/cubic inches.The soccer ball has to be filled with enough air to work properly. The soccer ball weighs about a pound. Soccer players can kick a soccer ball in .05 seconds!

The History of the soccer ball

Soccer balls used to be made of human heads, strips of cloth sewn together, animal and human skulls, pig or cow bladders. The outer material of a modern soccer ball is polyurethane or PVC. The inner lining is polyester and cotton. The bladder (the part that fills with air) is made of latex.