For Darkness Shows The Stars

Diana peterfruend

How Elliot is one of my major characters from the book

Elliot is one of my absolutely favorite character from this book because she is just like me in a way also she's just so into writing letters and that's what I love to do and she has a big crush on this servant Kai that she has known for quite a while . I really have a crush on this boy that I have known since 6th grade but anyways Elliot has a quite wild side but I like it a lot and she impresses me a lot by her inteligience and her crazy emotions.
These pictures below remind me of her because she is quiet at times, intelligiant, loves the darkness,and wants love and romance, and her darkness shows stars and she is quite passionate about her life and about Kai.
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Elliot would first bring a ton of notebook paper because she would write Kai her crush/bestfriend a ton of letters ''btw, I write so many letters that I have to buy more and more..Also she would want to bring Kai because she really likes him!, and clothes for her to wear.