Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico political situation within U.S

Puerto Rico isn't in the territory of the U.S according to the Supreme Court. The issue is whether Puerto Rico should remain In the U.S territory or become an independent country.

Puerto Rico's favorite Sport

Puerto Rico's favorite sport is baseball.

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Puerto Rico's representative animal

Puerto Rico's representative animal is the Coqui.

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Puerto Rico's Capital, Current Population, and Currency

The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan. The Current Population is 3.667 million and the Currency is U.S Dollars.

Interesting Places

Some interesting places in Puerto Rico are El Yunque, Castillo de San Cristobal, Arecibo Observatory, Le Ceiba de Ponce and El Morro.

*El Yunque- the only tropical rainforest that belongs to the U.S service. One of the highest Mountain in Puerto Rico.

*Castillo de San Cristobal- it's built to protect against land based on attacks on the city of San Juan.

*Arecibo Observatory- a radio telescope in the town of Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

*Le Ceiba de Ponce- a tree associated with the founding of the city.

*El Morro- a fort that guards San Juan.

2 Main types of Music/Dance

*Salsa- Has different rhythms and is a mixture of many latin and Afro-Caribbean dances.

*Cha-Cha- A spin off of the mambo.

So You Think You Can Dance - Salsa

3 Famous people from Puerto Rico

Three famous people from Puerto Rico is Don Omar, Joseline Hernandez and Rita Moreno.

Three types of food