March Madness and Bring on Spring!

March 2017 Arbonne News & Specials

Greetings Arbonne Friends & Family!

I'm thinking 'spring'! How about you? :-) I hope you are doing well! Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to check out this month's Arbonne news and specials. As always, I appreciate your business, and love helping you get your safe and pure skincare and healthy living products at a great price!
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Genius Ultra with FREE Shipping and TWO FREE Gifts

Have you been curious about the Genius Ultra? Contact me to try it for yourself (free demo!), then take advantage of getting the Genius for yourself, plus a few freebies! I don't know the ending date of Arbonne's sale - "while supplies last" - so get it while you can! I'm sharing my consultant price with you! It's a $506.95 value for $201.00! Many similar devices cost $200.00 alone!

5 Fun Facts:

  • The Genius Ultra is in the hands of 100,000 people around the world and counting!
  • It pulses 300,000 gentle ultrasound waves per second - our hearts beat just 60-100 beats per minute!
  • The device category is currently a 1.1 billion dollar market and growing.
  • The Genius Ultra is for EVERYONE - not just for people with visible lines and wrinkles. It slows down the skin's natural aging process.
  • Don't limit its use just to your face! Try it on your neck, lips, chest, and wherever else you see fit.
  • One of my client results below - so impressive! The lift & contour eye cream (comes with the Genius) was used, and there was 6 minutes in between photos.
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Brooke Shipman, Arbonne Independent Consultant

Instagram: @bewellbrooke