The Tape Times

Author: Jan Slepian, Publisher: Scholastic 1988, 157 Pages

Important characters

The important characters would be Sara, her wild cat named Broccoli. and her mom. Sara (the main character) makes these tapes about her life, and how it's going. She says her 2 best friends are her tape recorder and her cat. The other 2 main characters are her brother and grandma. They all relate to her because they all think alike and they do family stuff all the time. All these characters are always a part of her conversations with the tape recorder.

The Plot

Sara had been back home in Boston. She fit in, she had friends, and she knew the ropes at school. Then her family moved to to Hawaii for 5 months. Her parents thought she would enjoy it. That will be better for her. She doesn't know anybody besides her dopey brother, and her weird parents. She starts to miss her old friends, but Sara likes being away. One thing she likes is making the cassette tapes that she sends to her old classmates to keep in touch. Another she enjoys is time with her cat broccoli, the wild cat she and her brother discover. Taking care of broccoli leads Sara to a new friend and a whole new look in Hawaii.


The problem is once Sara goes into Hawaii she doesn't to leave. After their packing up to leave in the end, the wild cat broccoli runs away. Sara ha two choices. One to stay in Hawaii, and try to find Broccoli. or to leave Broccoli in Hawaii. Sara ends up makes a new tape after she lost her cat. She says that everytime she makes a tape without her best friend it isn't the same. in the beginning of the book it says Sara cannot live without her two best friends: her tape and her cat.

Title Explanation

The title of this book is called "Broccoli Tapes". it goes good with this book because mostly what it's about is Sara, her tape recorder, her cat Broccoli, school, and family. A new name for this book could be "A new Life for Sara and Broccoli" because of how she moved and had to overcome adversity in a new place.
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Book Review

The book was amazing! the author did a great a job making me feel like I knew Sara. One thing she could have talked less about was her cat.. and a tape recorder.. and Hawaii. the book was based on just Sara (the main character) life. it would have been more interesting if the author told us what she was doing a when she was doing. for example: Sara is leaving for Hawaii. they said that, but they didn't say when, where, or who with. on a scale from 1-10 i would give it an 81/2. and readers that would probably like this book would be readers that like to go on vacations.. like cats, and likes making videos of themselfs. it was a good book, but maybe next time a little but more could be added.
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