Less than a week left!!

EOM Hustle!


You are killin' it this month!! We have hit our pop up goal and are less than $1500 away from the team sales goal for September!! We have consistently been in the top 20 teams IN THE NATION and I want to be top 10!! Who is with me?!!

Friday Challenge!

I want EVERYONE to sell one pair of studs TODAY! You can do it! If you don't ask, the answer will always be no! Send this graphic out to your top supporters. Mom, sister, bff, co-worker, who ever and ask for the sale! Even if you have never made a sale, this is too easy! I am positive that at least one person in your contacts would be willing to help you out!!
Big image

Top 10!

Shout out to these ladies for making the #CandiVixens top 10!

1. Whitney Freno- $1712

2. Liz McDougal- $1026

3. Katina Ruest- $996

4. Elisabeth Addington- $922

5. Alyson Balogh- $866

6. Shelly Messer- $752

7. Olivia Jackson- $486

8. Jana Vazquez- $396

9. Gisele Mackey- $274

10. Jessica Reels- $273

Working on hitting that goal, but just not there? Let me know and we can brainstorm to get you there! I want you to achieve YOUR goals with C+I and I am always here to help!!

xo, Victoria