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We are growing...and what does this mean for you?

Origami Owl is a company that focuses on making the world a better place by being a Force for Good. Last year it was announced that we welcomed the Willa Company into our family...a company founded by a mother/daughter (sound familiar?!!) focused on providing protective skin care for teenage girls and women.

Launching on February 14th, 2017, Willing Beauty is a ground-floor opportunity for those interested in using only the best products for their skin and sharing it with others via a unique social selling business model (no parties) and I am excited to be a part of this launch!

Don't worry - my passion is connecting people with their stories and sharing them in the beautiful jewelry we can create with Origami Owl.....but I just had to share this incredible, ground-floor opportunity with you!



Two mother daughter teams joined forces to create Willing Beauty, a company committed to healthy, effective, no-brainer beauty you can trust. These four hearts share a single passion – empower women of all ages through flexible entrepreneurship. Together they bring decades of beauty expertise coupled with unprecedented social selling success for a dynamic opportunity.

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Ingredient List

At Willing Beauty, it is a top priority to use better-for-you ingredients – non-irritating and selected with human health as top priority. Americans are increasingly concerned with chemicals in personal care products and in food; however, only 30 chemicals are banned for use in cosmetics in the US vs. the European Union which has banned over 1,300 ingredients! Ingredients we avoid are endocrine disruptors, chemical sunscreens, plastic microbeads, synthetic fragrance, and many more! You can rest assured that careful consideration is put into every product to ensure we are delivering safer yet effective products for you and those you love.

Please click on the link below to see everything in our products!

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Hy+5 Complex Explanation

Hy+5 is an incredible combination that protects and nurtures your skin - the link below will take you to a brief FB live that will tell you more about it and how your skin needs it!
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Possibility is Calling

Playback Number:
(515) 739-1578
Access Code:
Reference Number:

How Do I Get in on This Ground Floor Opportunity?

I WANT TO JOIN ON 2/14 (of course you do)!! WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?!?!

(Please note that even though you will be entering payment info on 2/14..... we are NOT being charged anything yet! Payments will be processed in April when the first kits are shipped out!)

When you enroll that day you will log onto www.willingbeauty.com and begin the enrollment process where you will:

<3 Choose your enrollment set! Details about each set, their contents, and pricing will be shared this week!

<3 Set up your no-brainer replenishment (optional).

<3 Choose your mentor! The MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to search for your mentor is by their name (SUZY SCHULTZ) and EMAIL (SUZYSNEST@GMAIL.COM) that they will use for Willing Beauty, as this is the unique identifier for Willing Beauty Advisors. Save yourself time now by getting this information. If you can’t locate them this way, as long as you type their name in (spelled correctly) and their email, you will be placed on their team. You can also search by O2 Designer ID, Willing Beauty ID (if your mentor already enrolled and gave you their ID), name and location, OR just type someone’s name in and we will match you with them once they enrolls, OR leave it blank and we will assign you a mentor.

<3 Choose your website!

This information, along with standard payment and shipping questions, log-in details, account creation, etc. will complete your enrollment process. You will then receive a confirmation email with your enrollment # (status in line), as well as an enrollment ID that you can share with future enrollees.

Enrollment will remain LIVE through March 24th, at 11:59pm CT with the first 2000 receiving the first invitations to become Beauty Advisors in April. All others will receive invitations in waves between April and our official launch in July.

Is it 2/14 YET?!?!?!?!

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