Oakland ES PBIS Newsletter Vol 1

Our OWLS will Soar the OKE WAY!

What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) is a system of rewards, incentives, and interventions for all OKE students. Oakland is a proud PBIS school. Our scholars are supported and encouraged through PBIS to reach academic and behavioral success. Teachers and staff are acknowledged for their commitment and dedication to teaching and learning. Oakland is dedicated to OWLS (own our actions, work, lead, and soar). We expect these behaviors to be mirrored in homes and our community and look forward to your support as we share the extraordinary events and opportunities planned for our scholars.

PBIS: Tiered System of Support and Core Components

  • PBIS Matrix
  • PBIS Lesson Plans
  • Oakland PBIS Handbook
  • Acknowledge Systems: Student of the Month, Staff of the Month, Owl of the week,
  • DOJO, OWL Bucks, and School-wide PBIS Events.
  • Discipline Data Analysis
  • Monthly PBIS Committee Meeting
  • Health MPowers
  • Rewards and Incentives (Students, Teachers, and Staff)
Big picture

Oakland Elementary PBIS Committee Members

Victoria Grubbs: PBIS Administrator

Kambria Thompson: Mental Health-Wellness Facilitator/Care Lead

Samantha Echevarria: PBIS Communicator Facilitator

Roxanne Evans: PBIS Coach

Aisha Evans: PBIS Coach

Zina Hollis: PBIS Support

Tawana Martin: PBIS Partnership Developer

Brandi Barnett: Recorder

Melinda Dennis-Gilbert: PBIS Youth Ambassador Coordinator

Kayla Claxton and Victoria Grubbs: PBIS and Discipline Data Analyst

How Can Parents and the Community Help?

We must define, teach, and routinely acknowledge family expectations as a community. To change inappropriate behaviors, we must teach, model, practice, and acknowledge the appropriate behaviors.

Remind students that positive expectations that are done at home are expected at school

  • Speak in a respectful tone to everyone, especially adults
  • Be responsible for their actions
  • Be safe at all times: Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Donate and Sign Up to Volunteer for School Events

  • Donate to the OKE PBIS Store (kid-friendly items or momentary donations are needed).
  • Complete the Volunteer Registration Screening. Once approved, you can volunteer for school events needing your support

Oakland Student Success Skills (Keys to Success for All Students)

Student Success Skills

Get Plenty of Rest Each Night: Enough sleep is critical for your body and brain to function.

Eat Right: Healthy and nutritional meals fuel your body and mind for energy.

Do your Homework: Make doing your homework a habit each night to practice skills.

Cut the Cord: Occasionally turn off technology. Take time to read and meditate.

Make a Schedule: Use your agenda to help you organize and plan.

Make Good Friend Choices: Build healthy relationships with people who help make you a better you!

Self-Regulate Emotions: Monitor your emotions. It is okay to feel but seek help when you need it.

Have a Growth Mindset: Think positively, embrace challenges, and see effort as a path to success.