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Why We Forget: Hayden Moore

Why I chose this topic...

I chose the topic of forgetting, because I was very curious of why people forget things. One of the most common things that I do for example is telling myself to remember something and then forgetting to do that thing a few minutes later. It's very irritating and I want to know why it happens.

Why We Forget...

Motivated Forgetting

Your brain will actively forget things for the betterment of you. Also known as suppression, we want to forget these memories and work to do so.
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The Brain

What happens with the brain?

Memory is strange in the way we access it. Sometimes we'll forget something until we're put into the right association with that memory. The brain stores memory into the hippocampus and there is short-term and long-term. The most common thing that can cause memories being forgotten is age. Getting older, the brain will start to decay overtime and will lose some of it's ability to store memory. The synapses sending memories can decay overtime when not being active for a period of time. And even outside forces damaging the brain can effect memory as well. These damages to the brain causes memory to not being stored properly.

Hermann Ebbinghaus

Ebbinghaus was a German Psychologist and researched on the act of forgetting and memory. His experiment is very similar to what people do today in mental challenges, he studied how long he could remember a new deck of cards he had memorized. This experiment helped him in discovering the forgetting curve. This is the opposite of the learning curve and shows how information is lost overtime.

Fun Fact

Doorways can destroy your memory

The occurs when people enter a room to do something, and after entering the room they immediately forget what they were going to do. Some say the doorway can be to blame. Your brain sees entering a new room as a new scene and store the previous memories from the last room(s), causing a memory lapse.

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