The story of Pochahontas

By: Alycia and Kaleigh

When and where Born:

Pochahontas lived in 1595 in Jamestown,Virginia.

early life:

April in 1607,English settlers came to America.They built a town on land ruled by Powhaton . Pocahontas played a little and worked a little . They swam in the river, hunted for shells, and laughed with her siblings.

character traits:

Pocahantas was a friendly peace maker who was a curious, fun loving person. She was also a playful, helpful free spirt.

challenges overcome:

Pocahantas had saved a man's life. She kept going back and forth from Virgina all the way to Jamestown without her father knowing and became a prisoner.


Pocahantas made Native Americans and English men friendly,And she worked hard for peace.

Interesting Information:

A village became a state.

People traveled from England to Virginia.

She has a secret name it is little snow feather.

She has about one hundred siblings.

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