Collin Smith

The married natural historian with a partner and 2 children

Moving Day!

Kids are in the back, the wife is next to me, and I’m behind the wheel excited. It’s time to go down south! We have our dream home waiting for us to arrive!


Its Time To Get To Work

I am currently studying the animals and plants in a field near my home with my two university research assistants! Surprised and amazed at what I have seen down here!

Dinner Night Out

My family and I went out to eat last night since we moved down here. We decided to try the new culture around us and went to a nice Mexican restaurant! The place was clean, the staff was polite, and the food was great! #FamilyNight
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Friday Fun Day

This weekend we will go learn about our new home's history, we will be going to the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Park!

High Rent

Stadiums and entertainment buildings bring life to a city, but I could not imagine my rent doubling in less than a year! That's what some people in southern California just experienced, that's crazy!


I went across the river to Matamoros a few days ago to do some research and ran across a small local store where I bought a interesting , small, colorful creature! I was told that it is called an alebrije and is important to Mexican culture.
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Daily Thought

I really think building another border barrier is unnecessary as it would disrupt wildlife on the ground as well as the ecosystems throughout the border, and destroy the habitats of many species.

Here is an interesting article I ran across

Thought of the day

I am really fascinated with modern style homes, they add style and uniqueness in a neighborhood. Seeing one reminds me of Miami or even the high end neighborhoods of Los Angeles.


I just ran across a real estate agent’s account in which he shows the homes he sales and I have got to say it is really interesting seeing all the different types of homes in North Texas!

Wildlife in the new state

I just liked a page about Texas wildlife. I have to get familiar with the unique plants and animals in my new home!