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Car Rider Procedure

New Car Rider Procedures

To further provide a safe school environment, we are making adjustments to our Car Rider Procedures. If you are someone who uses the car rider area on the west side of the school, please read the following.

Morning Drop-Off

All Students must exit their vehicle along the curb and on the curb side of the vehicle.

If you would rather pull into a space, a designated area has been created just past the school office entrance on the right side of the lane. Please pull into this area.

After School Pick Up

All students must enter the vehicle from the curb side.

NO students will be allowed to cross traffic to reach their vehicle.

If you would like to park, please use the designated area just past the school office entrance on the right side of the lane.

Traffic Flow

Please keep in mind that the unloading and loading of students can be a tricky and dangerous time. We ask that everyone use caution when traveling through our parking lots, especially when judging your speed.

Is Your Student Arriving Late or Leaving Early?

Late Arrivals

Students arriving late can come into the front office. They will sign in and be given a pass. Parents do not need to escort students into the building.

Early Pickups

For students to leave the school during the day, we need communication stating the date, time, and reason for leaving. This communication can be sent through email (, phone call (765-675-7431), or written note. All adults picking up a student must come into the office with a valid government issued ID. They must also be a parent/legal guardian or listed in the student’s emergency contact list.

Thank You!

Thank you for partnering with us in keeping our school a safe place for students!

Important Dates

8/22 Open House 6:00 - 7:30 pm

8/28 School Board Meeting (Public Hearing Budget)

9/2 Labor Day (No School)

9/10 School Board Meeting

9/16 eLearning

10/10 End of First 9-weeks

10/16-20 Fall Break