Administration in Education

Leadership in Education Careers

Essential Questions

  • How do the various administrative leadership positions impact the campus and students?
  • What is your definition of leadership?
  • How do our personality and character traits affect our career choices?
  • Do your career choices reflect your interests?
  • Do administrators have an impact on school culture?
  • How do you interpret school culture?

Qualities in Leadership

"First You Slay the Dragon-Overcoming Leadership Myths" - Jim Moore

"A leader's role is to enhance others' self-esteem. Why is enhancing others' esteem so important? In the simplest of terms, people with high self-esteem do a better job."

Comment 1: "If you would listen, you would understand!"

Comment 2: "It can be hard to understand. Let me explain it in a different way."

ASSIGNMENT I - What are the qualities of a leader in Education to you?

Assignment II - Sample Careers in Administration & Administrative Support