Gracious Space

A Practical Guide for Working Better Together

Developed by the Center for Ethical Leadership in Seattle, Washington, Gracious Space has been proven a highly effective way to foster authentic dialogue and facilitate lasting relationships to help people work better together and move past "stuckness" in times of complexity and change. From the Primer on Gracious Space by Patricia Hughes, "Gracious Space is a safe emotional environment that enables groups to work better together. It has been described as a "special ingredient" that makes everything better- whether a planning process, performance review, strategic plan, community change project or family discussion." Developing shared leadership for transformational and sustainable change requires a space that can hold relationships and the work in all of its complexity. Groups need a supportive structure that supports the time and environment to build trust, learn to work together in new ways, develop shared purpose and plans and take action.

This asynchronous module will offer an overview of the four elements of Gracious Space, how to cultivate them and why it matters.

The module begins with a webinar to guide you through foundational understandings for this work and practices. Additional resources are provided to support your integration of the knowledge. For further support, reach out to Liane Benedict.

Upon completion you will be asked to complete a survey (link at the bottom) where you will offer insights you gained and certify your completion of all tasks. Once complete, you will receive 3 hours of professional development, documented in MyLearningPlan.
Creating Gracious Space | Pat Hughes | TEDxEverett

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