CHAMPS Mentors Book Club

*Idea in the Making* SMC Bekah

What is the book club?

I'd like the book club to be a monthly event with mentors and mentees. Every week or two we get together to talk about a book we have read like a book on leadership, commitment, skill building etc. I host a adobe conference so that everyone can be there and discuss live. I was thinking to have the mentors right down questions and thoughts about the books per chapter read and we discuss it. I am still working things out in my mind but I think this would be awesome!

Adobe Conference

This would be held every two weeks.

We discuss the book, our thoughts, input, etc


Books would be different topics. Short books that can be purchased through Amazons Kindle, or nook, or even hard copy purchases. Short books so that we are able to all meet the chapter deadline so that at the discussions people wont be left behind.
I really want to work on this or even have something like this. Thoughts??