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Egypt is currently in Africa. Mummies are originally people who have died.


3,000 years ago Egyptians made the first candy. Ovens were also invented in Egypt

because the wind was making the bread flat. Egyptian found out how to use yeast

in bread.Pancakes came from Egypt,too.


Egyptians worshiped cats! Lots of people love cats and so did the Egyptians. The cats today that are most like the cat cherished by the Egyptians is the Egyptian mau.


Egyptians invented ink,pens,and books. So cool! Make-up around the eye came from

Egypt,too. Another invention that came from Egypt was gloves. The first lighthouse was invented in Egypt.


Hieroglyphics were named "words of God".Hieroglyphic are written in rows or columns. You read top to bottom when it is in columns. Hieroglyphic can stand for the object the picture is, but most of the time it stands for a sound. For example, K=picture of basket. Hieroglyphics were added to the alphabet to sort the words and they are what makes it so hard to learn. Hieroglyphics are like a picture puzzle. - Ancient Egypt - Educational Video for Kids
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