ouch!!!! my finger!!!!

Joshua Fraser-Martinez


. We then got out of the bus and saw the preschool, while we were walking I saw a donut and coffee selling man I asked for a donut and got a chocolate donut with sprinkles.
As we were walking into the preschool I stopped and saw a very colorful bird, it had 3 babies. The babies were hungry I imaged I had a big bag of bird food and I could just climb to the nest and feed the babies and take all of them home with me. Then my mom said “Josh come on!!”
I then ran in the elevator and pressed the 2nd floor button I was a pro at that. As the elevator was closing the very colorful bird opened its wings and I saw all the colors that the bird had I felt so amazed and stuck out my finger to show my mom and then SHUT!!goes the elevator on my finger. I was shocked that the elevator was closed on my finger, my mom spammed the open button but nothing happen it just didn’t move. My mom pulled my finger hard enough for it to pull out then pop went my finger I didn’t feel anything on my finger, my mom was so worried that my pointy finger bone was dislocated. While all of this is happening I was still shocked my finger was stuck. We went to the 2nd floor of the preschool and went to the school nurse she said to go to the hospital and bones might be broke.

On the way to the hospital I was scared that my bones were broke. My mom and I went in the hospital and we were there for 4 hours, we then found out that I needed a x-ray scan. After we did that the doctor said my finger was fine, but very swollen. Lasted a week and a half, but the good thing was I didn’t go to school that day.

I overcame this by being more careful and having more common sense to not stick out my finger while a elevator is closing