Bosnia Herzegovina

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The Culture

Bosnia Herzegovina is known for their architecture, literature, theater, art, music, and sports. Bosnia's popular sports are basketball, handball, soccer (futbol), and tennis. The winter Olympics was held in Sarajevo in February 1984. Bosnia and Herzegovina's architecture is mainly made up of four major periods. Each period made its impact to the culture and architecture. An example of the architecture is the Mostar Bridge.

Bosnians are mainly Muslim( 45%), and they speak Bosnian. The people of Bosnia love to dance. A famous type of dance they do on special celebrations is the Kolo.

National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Government

Bosnia Herzegovina has a parliamentary government. It is separated into three political parties: Serb, Croatian, and Bosnian. Their Chairman of the Presidency is Mladen Ivanić, and he has been the Chairman of the Presidency since November 17, 2014. Before his current position, he was the Prime Minister of Republika Srpska from 2001- 2003.

Bosnia Herzegovina used to be apart of a big country called Yugoslavia untill 1992, because it got separated after the fall of the Soviet Union, the economy couldn't support the country.

The Economy

Bosnia Herzegovina has a free economy. Their GDP is $17.83 million, and their population is 3.83 million (2014). Bosnia's economy relies on metal, energy, textiles ,and furniture. Also, most of their economy is based off of the service industry. Bosnia has recently started using euros as their country's currency.

The Current Events

Bosnia has had some terrible floods this past year. Many people fled to their homes after months of rainfall, but soon many streets became rivers and many towns became lakes. The president says," This is the worst thing since war 20 years ago." Bosnia is still recovering , and is almost up and running again.
Bosnia Pres: Floods worst thing since war

Something Interesting

Mostar Bridge
The Mostar Bridge ( The "Old Bridge") was built in 1566 by a Turkish architect. The bridge was originally built to replace an old wooden bridge that was there. But somehow this became more than a bridge, it became the heart of Mostar and Bosnia. In 2004, the bridge was rebuilt, but the beauty has always been there.


Sarajevo is the capital, and the largest city in Bosnia. This Country is in Southwestern Europe located on the Balkan Peninsula. It is bordered by Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, and Albania. Bosnia is mostly mountainous , except for the northeast which is flatland. It is also next to the Adriatic Sea. That's is why many people come to get a tan at their beach.