Willemstad Newsletter

By: Kei

A Blind Boy survives on a Island for about 5 Months ( April to August)

An amazing story of a Blind 12 year old boy named Phillip who was stranded on a island since last May. But returned safely back in Curacao alone with a cat in August 1942. Underneath is an interview of Phillip big story.

The Questions

WN: Why were you on a ship?

Phillip: My mother didn't like Curacao and wanted to leave because of the war.

WN: How did you get on the Island?

Phillip: When the Hato ship was torpedoed and I was on a raft with a black man named Timothy.

WN: How did you get Blind?

Phillip: I stared at the sun too long and got blind.

WN: How did you survive on the raft?

Phillip: I think it was because of Timothy and how he was very smart of surviver skills.

WN: Who is Timothy and what happened to him?

Phillip: Well..... Timothy was my only friend/companion while we were on the raft and on the island. Timothy was so kind and he died on the island to save me from a dangerous storm.

WN: How did you survive on the Island?

Phillip: Timothy was over 70 and he was old enough to die. So he made and showed me how to make a water keg, shelter, mates, how to fish, start a camp fire, and how to walk around the island.

WN: Was Timothy your friend in the beginning?

Phillip: No, to be honest I used to be racist but not anymore. Are friendship grew bigger on the island and I now thought of him as a regular person, not a different person anymore.

WN: What did you do when Timothy died?

Phillip: I....... made a grave for Timothy and said a few words to him. I said Thank You to him.

WN: When Timothy died and you were alone, how did you survive alone?

Phillip: After the storm destroyed the water keg, campfire, shelter, and gather food. I know I had a lot of things to fix. But I was lucky to still have Stew Cat.

WN: How did you get rescued?

Phillip: Everyday I would wait and hear if there was a plane or ship in the water. So when I heard the plane coming I lit the camp fire on fire and added some sea grapes in the fire so it makes black smoke. That way the plane can see the fire better. It worked and I knew the plane saw the smoke because I could feel the wind around my face.

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National News

What is happening in World War 2 right now????

WW2 is going crazy!!!!! In August 1942 about 400,000 Jews will be murdered in Europe during this month alone. But on August 7 Lieutenant General William Gott was killed by a Nazi German air assault in Egypt. But good news is that for the first time, the United States seizes control of territory, that was occupied by Japan when the 19,000 man Marine Division lands on Guadalcanal and Tulagi.

August 8, 1942 a victory on Guadalcanal, the Allies/enemy suffer a setback in the Battle of Savo Island. They lost more than 1,000 sailors and 4 cruisers.

That is all we know in the Willemstad Newsletter and next week we will give more news in the war.

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Timothy's Obituary

Timothy was born in 1872 till 1942. Timothy was born as a orphan but a nice lady named Hannah Gumbs adopted him. He lived in Charlotte Amalie, on St. Thomas. Timothy's job was a sailor on the Hato ship. Timothy was a skilled worker, excellent friend, and carer. That is way Phillip the boy Timothy saved liked him. But sadly Timothy was over 70 and on the island with Phillip trying to show Phillip how to survive without him. Then a big dangerous storm was coming near the cay and Timothy used his body ( as a shield) to protect Phillip form the storm. That is how Timothy lost his life. But Phillip will never forget Old Timothy.
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Curacao Weather

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Jobs Listing

Do you need a job? Do you need money to food your family? Well then here are some jobs that you can do. ( sorry ladies but these jobs are only for men )

1. Doctor

2. Miners

3. Farmers

4. Scientists

5. Merchant Seamen

6. School Teachers

7. Railway and Dock Workers

8. Utility Workers ( Water, Gas, and Electricity )

Events Coming Soon!!!!

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