Hey Wassup Hello .

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My background

  • I was born in Longview , Tx .
  • I was born on February 4 , 2002 .
  • I have four siblings.
  • My bestfriend is Jocelyn Rebecca Murillo
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Starting out .

  • I live with my aunt Lydia Witcher .
  • My Mom is Monique Kennedy &' my dad is Kendrick Fortson.
  • My Step-Sister is Ye'Maya Witcher
  • My granny is Edna Mae Browne.
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Cousin Love

My main chick !

In 5th grade , I met my best friend Jocelyn Rebecca Murillo . She's a pain , but I love her . She's been with me since day 1 . She has never turned on me for anyone . We had our ups &' downs in 5th grade , but that made us stronger. She's my ride or die. I love you Jocelyn !
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Kilgore Middle School Squad

Favorite Artist .

Favorite Movies