Most Wanted Careless Person

Hitler By: Seana Gosselin


*Born in Austria in 1889

*Lived in a homeless shelter in his early years

*Leader of Nazi Germany from 1934-1945

*Initiated WWII & oversaw fascist policies that resulted in millions if deaths

*Chancellor of Germany from 1933- 1945

Hitler's Successes

*During WWI he was decorated for bravery, and receiving the Iron Cross first class & the black wound badge

*He took over Germany which was in the worst depression after WWI to being the most economically successful and powerful nation

*Influential public speaker, able to gain many followers

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Evidence of Carelessness

*Killed millions of people (jews and other races)

* Many people suffered in concentration camps and only a few were lucky to make it out alive

*Began the Holocaust

Careless Quote

"Any alliance whose purpose is not to wage war is senseless and useless"


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