The OMS Community Newsletter

March 2018

School Safety & Security

On a recent morning after one of our lock-down drills, I appeared on the OMS Knightly News morning announcements show to address the students and staff. I thanked them for their quick and appropriate response to the lock-down. After the recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida, we took a moment to reflect on the importance of our own safety training and to express our collective hope that we never need to use it.

For students in particular, it was an opportunity to discuss two of our most important school safety skills.

The first is the ability to react quickly and alertly to a lock-down, based on the ALICE training we have used in Stoughton since 2012. The A in ALICE is for "alert" and the L is for "lock-down." ALICE training focuses on a well-rehearsed and automatic response to a lock-down, and then a reaction to an emergency based on the situation at hand. ALICE training is a departure from the outdated school safety training where students and staff react in one way no matter what the situation. Students practice this quick response to a lock-down often at OMS. We practice during class and during passing time. They've been taught that a real lock-down situation would involve instructions from the teacher based on the specifics of the situation. Drills are often followed by classroom discussions on potential scenarios and instructions.

The second safety skill we discussed is reporting something suspicious to an adult. This skill is not new to our students, but it does have a catchy new title this year: "See something, say something." In our partnership with the Sandy Hook Promise, we held a "See something, say something" week in October to get the word out. On the morning announcements, I commended two of our sixth graders. These students, who requested to remain anonymous, did report something they saw on social media that was a safety concern to an adult at school. A student had made a threat against a teacher on social media, and the sixth graders thought it was a Stoughton student. It turned out to be a student and teacher from a neighboring community. The report from our sixth graders allowed the proper authorities to address the threat. It was an example of "see something, say something" in action. Take a look at The Brockton Enterprise article for more on that story by clicking on the newspaper page below.

For more information about school safety and security in our school and all the schools in Stoughton, please attend the School Safety Forum.

School Safety Forum

Monday, March 19th, 7pm

232 Pearl Street

Stoughton, MA

Come to the Stoughton High School auditorium for an open forum for all students, staff, families, and the entire community. A presentation on school safety and security in Stoughton will be followed by an open discussion. All are invited to attend.
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Meet School Resource Officer Lindsay Bonda

Officer Lindsay Bonda is our school resource officer. Officer Bonda started at OMS this school year. Her office is located near the main office and guidance. Officer Bonda is more than just a Stoughton police officer, she is part of the OMS community.
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Meet School Security Monitor Stephen McNamara (Mr. Mac)

Stephen McNamara is the full-time School Security Monitor at OMS. Lovingly referred to as "Mr. Mac" by the students, he is an important part of the school security team. Mr. Mac is a military police officer in the National Guard and wants to be a school resource officer someday. Mr. Mac monitors the hallways and the common areas of the school and school grounds every day. Mr. Mac was a student at OMS and SHS and is happy to be back as a member of the staff!
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Shrek, The Musical Jr. - Opening Night!

Thursday, March 22nd, 7pm

211 Cushing Street

Stoughton, MA

The Spring Musical is just around the corner. The OMS Drama Club has been hard at work getting ready for the three performances of Shrek, The Musical Jr. Opening night is Thursday, March 22nd at 7pm, followed by another 7pm performance on Friday, March 23rd. This year, there will also be a matinee performance on Saturday, March 24th at 2pm. All performances are in the OMS Cafetorium. Tickets are $5 at the door.

Trimester 2 Extension

We are adding two school says to Trimester 2 because of the days we have lost due to weather. Trimester 2 will end on March 21st. Report Cards will be issued electronically on March 28th.

Nurse Needed for Washington DC trip

We are in need of a registered nurse for the 8th grade Washington DC trip in June. This is a wonderful trip and a paid position. If you are interested, please contact our school nurse, Ms. McDonnell at (781) 344 - 7002 ext. 6161 or

Grade 7 Student and Parent Meeting for Next Year's Washington DC Trip

Thursday, March 29th, 6:30pm

211 Cushing Street

Stoughton, MA

in the Cafetorium

Meeting Agenda:

  • Trip cost, registration, itinerary
  • Early registration discount information
  • Opportunities for fundraising and scholarships