dixieDOTTERs Marvelous May!!

May 2013

April Promotions!

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Kelly Whalen - Double promotion to Senior Stylist & Star Stylist!

Brittany Purcell, GA Lead Stylist
Anna Carter, SC Lead Stylist
Jessica Thomas, GA Lead Stylist
Charlotte Debardeleben, VA Lead Stylist
Katie Henderson, NC Lead Stylist
Christin Kiel, NC Lead Stylist
Gina Marchi, PA Lead Stylist
Lesli Reeves, SC Lead Stylist

TOP IN SALES FOR April - Stellar Sellers!!

Look at these SALES!

Virginia Manning SC $11,535.00

Erin Perkins VA $10,784.45

Lauren Sigler VA $10,114.90

Lauren Lewis NC $6,579.36

Cindy Adams GA $6,024.85

Hope Cole GA $5,717.00

Lisa Clark NC $5,557.50

Jennifer Cullen NC $5,393.98

Sarah Shuping SC $5,384.10

Caroline Hester GA $5,120.62

Katherine Laskey NC $5,048.69

Danielle Gardner NC $5,037.10


# New Stylists Sponsored and Qualified (achieved $500 in retail sales)

Lauren Sigler VA 3

Hope Cole GA 2

Lauren Lewis NC 2

Virginia Manning SC 2

Caroline Hester GA 1

Kimberly Bishop PA 1

Jennifer Cullen NC 1

Elizabeth Parrotta PA 1

Jessica Thomas GA 1

Sara Archer AL 1

Karen Curtis DC 1

Pheniece Jones VA 1

Christin Kiel NC 1

Erin Perkins VA 1

Lesli Reeves SC 1

Michelle Wright VA 1


These new stylists all got their business started during May!

Amanda Adams

Ahmyia Rivers

Anna Carter

Erin Burnett

Kassie Stewart

Kc Hall

Nicole Fratianne

Tierney Hagan

Julia Perotti

Tasha sherrouse

Brittney Bruyneel

Katy Smyth

Mary Pearson

Jamie Mori

Becky Hoffman

Eloise Stevens

Mari Saez

Nancy Anderson

Yvonne Joshua

Melissa Allaband

Michelle Stein

Tonya Cantor

Sarah piere

Joanna Steinert

Ronda Petrin

Joy Hill

Current Jumpstart Earners!!

Look at the free product credits earned by these new stylists!!

Michelle Finley 300

Rachel Smyth 300

Amanda Adams 300

Amanda White 300

Anna Carter 300

Cary Gettinger 300

Tiga WELLS 300

Anita Lighty 300

Barb Haley 300

Laura Biederman 300

Nicole Fratianne 300

Averee Patton 150

Rewards Await You!!

How much free product are you shooting for in June? Our fall collection is just around the corner and why pay out of pocket for it when you can earn it for free with the June incentives?!

Book with the $50 Hostess bonus!

Sell more than ever with Dot Dollars-Jewelry Edition. It’s back and better than ever!

* Earn on everything
* Redeem on jewelry only
*Stylists MUST enter email addresses for all orders, which is a great customer service practice anyway! (Guests can always opt out of marketing if they wish, but email addresses are required to place all orders)

Sponsor with the $450 special and join the Prospective Call for teachers on June 13th with Danielle. Think of a teacher to invite!

Plus…share the successful skills of a great season switchover. Earn free Product Credit (Stack up your Rewards- $100 for every $1000 retail), sell your samples (have your own VIP customer event) OR do both!
Thanks for all you do! Please know I am here to help each and every one of you reach your own personal goal. Feel free to email/message me at any time.



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