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Leading and Learning:

Many of us make hundreds, if not thousands of these a day. Some are easy and require, little to no thought. While others are difficult and can oftentimes push us to the brink. But how often do we stop and think about the distance between the decisions that we make each and every day?

Do we suspend a child or do we try restorative practices instead?

Do we use last year's lesson plan or do we take a chance and try something different?

Do we ask for help or do we go it alone?

Do we spend time with our family or do we finish preparing for our next school project?

Herein lies the dilemma. We can't usually do both. And thus our brain is forced with engaging in a mental tug-of-war, if you will. And it can be very exhausting!

So what happens next? I believe what happens next is what separates good leaders from the truly great leaders. Because traversing the distance between two decisions is not easy. In fact, it is often very stressful if done correctly. This is because, as leaders, people often depend upon us to make numerous decisions each and every day. Others trust that we are making the right decisions. And they needn’t have another thought about it. Because they weren't the one that made the decision.

Those relying on us to make the decisions have not had to travel the distances we have. This is not a complaint. It simply is not their role. We knew when we signed on to be leaders that we would be forced to travel great distances in the course of a day. Distances that a Fitbit can not possibly track.

But does there come a point when the mental mileage logged in a week simply becomes too much? Does there come a time a when self-doubt begins to creep in and we find ourselves unable to take the last few steps? When does the fatigue of having to travel great distances have a detrimental effect on the day-to-day decisions that we must make?

I wish I had an answer to this question. But I don't. What I know is that I am going to continue to travel the distance between decisions as I always have. To the best of my ability.

There are days when I leave school feeling like a warrior who has traveled many miles, but has made the right decisions. Then there are days when I feel like one of the Spartans from 300 who has fought the good fight, but still ended up defeated.

I don't think that there is a simple solution to this conundrum. As long as I am in a position of leadership, as many of us are, I will have to travel great distances between decisions. And it can be exhausting. And it can be frustrating. And it can be deflating.

But you know what?

It can also be invigorating!

To know that there will be times that I will have traveled great distances, and as a result of my travels, I was able to make the right decision. A decision that positively impacted a life. A decision that inspired. A decision that would not have been made, if not for the miles I put in.

Yes, I will continue to travel great distances between decisions. And yes I will make wrong decisions. And there is no doubt in my mind that fatigue will kick in from time to time.

So know that at times you may feel all alone. And afraid. And defeated.

But take solace in knowing that we too are traveling this distance with you.

You may not see us.

But we are there. Wishing upon the same stars. And taking comfort in knowing that you are gazing up at them too.

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Thank you to:

  • Alicia Tasker for organizing and helping with the Scholastic Recognition Night on Thursday.
  • Dawn Fowerbaugh and Erin Shimp for their efforts in organizing our first formal Prom in three years!!

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 35: Grateful Friday Challenge

I say Hey, you say Ho! Hey! (Ho!) Hey! (Ho!)

I say Friday that means Let's Go! Let’s! (Go!) Let’s! (Go!)

It’s palpable, the energy in the building, can you feel it? (Sometimes that is good and bad.) After today, there is only one Friday left in the school year! Why does Long December by the Counting Crows keep popping up in my mind? I think perhaps we are just at that point in the year where we are just digging in our heels and grasping for each day to get the most out of it and at the same time start preparing to say goodbye to the seniors and hope we have done enough in there time here at SHS to make them the best they can be.

As our seniors enter their last week, they always have so many stories to tell about their journey. While graduation seems common to us (we do it every year), it is a special moment for so many students and so many families. This makes me think about our special moments throughout the school year. It has been rough, but there have also been amazing moments. Some of those moments are tough, some are funny, some are heartbreaking. Your #SHSGFC for today is to share some of your favorite stories or memories from this school year. Talk to your colleagues during passing period or share some funny stories during lunch. But, no matter what, make sure we celebrate the moments that have made this school year great!

Drink in the last few days…we are close to the end!

With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Melissa Stanley

Mrs. Stanley's students have been working on projects about a change they want to make in their world. Students did research and gathered data about their projects. The students then had an opportunity to present these projects to other students and school personnel. The students had to create visuals that would represent the change that needed to be made to better their lives or the lives of others.

Biology ILEARN

Our last rounds of testing are taking place this week. All freshman students took Biology ILEARN in class this week. Students participated in the test on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during their Biology class. Thank you to our Bio teachers to giving this test during class this week!

Ronald Capps and Lucas Quinlin

Ms. Neville and Mr. Schuermann invited Officer Capps and Quinlin to speak to their Human and Social Services classes. Officer Capps and Quinlin talked about the life and job of a police officer. Students had also compiled questions for our officers that were asked throughout the presentation.

Jason Adler

Mr. Adler's Algebra II students are learning about statistics. Students had to create a survey and gather data about a specific topic. The students had to get enough responses to the survey to make the data statistically accurate. The students then spent time in class analyzing the data. They have some write-ups that are required about their topic and then have to use graphing techniques to represent their data for the class.

Amy Peddie

Mrs. Peddie's students took a sound walk during class. The students have been talking about noise pollution during class. The students then spent time walking around the school noting the specific sounds that are heard in different locations. The class then discussed the variety of sounds that can be heard outside of our school.

Educational Humor

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