important things you need and why

Survival kit 101

  • water
  • food
  • things to make a fire with
  • weapons
  • shelter
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • inflatable canoe with patches
  • bag
  • covers/sleepingbag

why you would need these things

  • You would need the water and food because you cant live without it.
  • You would need things to make fire with because you wont have that cover / sleeping bags at all times if you walk away from your shelter and get lost you would need this.
  • You would need weapons because you are going to need protection and you are alone your hands aren't going to help that much.
  • You are going to need a shelter because you wouldn't want to sleep on a hard ground with bugs and animals.
  • clothes and shoes are major you wouldn't want the bugs biting you and poisonous plants touching your skin , and with clothes it wont be easy for them to get to you.
  • You would need the inflatable canoe and patches because you might get stranded in water and you are going to have to swim to land or if something makes a whole in it you would need to patch it up.You would need bags to carry all your stuff in.
  • You would need your cover and sleeping bags because you wouldn't want to be cold

survival kits

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