Joseluese Acanda (Grandpa)

Best grandfather in the Universe

The life of Jose Acanda the toughest guy I know.

When my Grandfather was born time was rough. Water was unhealthy,it was hard to sleep, barely any food to eat, he still lives today. Even though society was loco Jose kept going no looking back just moving forward. I know this because when he interviewed him he said,"Stay with your parents because when I was young I was in a box.

Lesson he learned

Life is important so is time with others.

This was his lesson because he rarely saw his father and when he died he was heart broke he cried so much he needed a whole tissue box. I felt bad so Joselues told me the lesson I and now on I am going to spend more time with my family so when they pass I will remember them in my heart.

Gabriel Kovac

Block 3-4