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Week of September 7th

In the news...

RSG Big Dig
We have a date finalized for the Big Dig with Real School Gardens! Save the date for November 14th!!! The garden committee met with the RSG Senior Project Manager, Lannie. She provided us with the beautiful design of our garden, which is displayed in the front foyer. The Big Dig is a really fun day where we will install the garden with staff, parents, students, the community, and all of our wonderful partners. Bring the family. It is a great day! Get excited!

Shout Out
First of all, THANK YOU TEACHERS! Thank you for doing your best everyday! I enjoyed spending some time with you and your babies these past weeks. Our Monday PD was a lot of fun (except when Stephanie tricked everyone...no disrespect j/k)!

Thank you CAR team (including Ms. Stephanie Ellis) for attending training this past Saturday. Also, thank you to Tasha and Megan for productive Student Code of Conduct Meetings! A BIG thank you to Mr. Hernandez for taking the initiative to lead an All in Learning training! Ms. Ambreen and Mr. Owens have also been a HUGE help in the student tracker project! Margie and Tania have been working really hard to test all of our potential ELL students. Ms. Morales has also done an EXCELLENT job in creating a transportation binder with a master list of every student's mean of transportation. Teachers, this binder could NOT have been done with out YOU! It's all about TEAMWORK!


This is a friendly reminder that the BPB (Black Panic Button) is ONLY for emergencies.


I hear your frustrations with some of you not having phones and/or your phone is not working. I have contacted TAC again and spoke with the person over IT. They are sending someone out Tuesday to fix all of our phone issues. If you have not contacted Ms. Blanco with an issue, please make sure to do so AS WELL as inputting a ticket. The tickets are what they go by. If we have it in two places, they shouldn't miss it.

Please provide a copy of anything that needs to be communicated campus-wide to Ms. Blanco so that I may approve it. This includes posting items on the front doors. This also includes notes from PTA, or outside organizations. Something we just learned was that School Leadership needs to approve any piece of communication that comes from outside vendors. In the spirit of transparency, miscommunication occurs if someone in admin is not aware of what is going on. Once I initial it, distribute away! If I read it, then we are all on the same page and can avoid mixed messages going out! Thanks for understanding!

Morning drop off is smooth! Safety Patrol coming soon!!!

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Groups vs. Teams (Jerry Junkins is a TEAM!)

Solution Tree: Rick DuFour on Groups vs. Teams

Speaking of teams.... (this was a nice little surprise, courtesy of Mr. Lugo. Hope you like the song! Remember it. :))

Team Building (Jerry Junkins Elementary School)



Tuesday-Lesson Plan Meeting (Please bring Junkins Binder)

Dual Language Committee Meeting after school (sent an invite)

*Keep posted for a Reasoning Minds Meeting

Upcoming Events

September 17th: Dual Language Informational at 5:30
"Back to School Fiesta" at 6 (PTA/Title I/Hispanic Heritage Celebration)

September 28th:
SLO/PDP Due (We will be scheduling goal setting conferences with you)

October 1st:
Save the Date if you'd like to join us for the W.T. White Homecoming parade!

October 7th
:Launch Date for Behringer Tutoring Program and After School Coding Club (Additional information coming soon)

October 30th
: W.T. White Feeder Pattern Night-Please save the date as well. We will be going to a football game to support the W.T.W. Longhorns (the only "Longhorns" this Aggie will ever support). It will also be a fun night for us to hang out!

*Instructional Leadership Team Applications will be available next week! Please consider applying! This is a great opportunity for professional growth (and it will help with TEI)!!!

Safety News

Remember, If the heat index is above 100 degrees, please do not allow students to play outside.

Fire Drill Reminders

Please stay with your classes during the fire drills and make sure they exit quickly without running.

Please adhere to the map on the wall. Mr. Woods was checking to ensure everyone has a map. If you don't, please let Ms. Miller know!

Upper grades going down the back stairwells need to be mindful of the smaller kids

also using this exit. We had some kindergarten students that were separated from their teacher (that just can not happen) when the older kids came down. Please, please, please keep this in mind.

We are in the process of making sure safety backpacks are updated AND everyone has a section sign so that we account for every class.

Google Drive

Please upload your lesson plans to google drive. Also, please access the committee spreadsheet to sign up for a committee. If you are still having issues, please inform the admin team.

Morning Duty

Gym: Rezadad, Cessnun, Nag
Auditorium: Duncan, Cox, Cervantes
Cafeteria: Patino
*TAs are in their permanent assignment (Please see schedule)

Morning Announcements

Character word of the week is responsibility. Please send your 3-4 students with a sentence using the word responsibility. Please see announcement script on Google.

The students are doing so great!

Jerry Junkins Elementary


Jerry Junkins seeks to be a premier elementary school by creating global citizens through setting and achieving high expectations for students.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a supportive culture for the twenty-first century learner to reach their academic destination and become productive citizens of the world.