October 9, 2015

Your VOICE and your VOTE counts!

As we near the end of President Obama's terms, many that govern under his regime will leave office. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has done just that. It is imperative that we, as professionals, pay attention to the politics that affect our profession.

Another political figure that makes decisions that impact our profession is Commissioner Michael Williams. He is currently developing legislation relating to the STAAR Test. Follow the link below to read more and be sure to comment on what's best for students on October 16th:

High Performance Teamwork #6 - Use a Rational Problem-Solving Process

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. Albert Einstien

We must have a relentless focus on the Miller Vision:

Collaboratively, we will be a positive and solution-oriented community.

We must have a relentless focus on the Miller MIssion:

  • What does each student need to know?
  • How do we know if they are learning it?
  • What do we do if the don't know?
  • What do we do if they do know?

Relentless focus, hard work, and teamwork, and individual accountability will keep us a High Performing ~ High Progress School. In other words, A Great Place for Kids!

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Miller Cheerleaders participate in PVAMU Homecoming Parade and campus visit


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