Tangerine Times

By: Ellie Siewert

What's News?

  • there is a muck fire that has been going around for a while
  • the school is mainly in trailers
  • lightning strikes at the same time everyday
  • Paul moved from Texas to tangerine county
  • a new family just moved in
  • mike Costello passed away
  • the football team is having tryouts
  • it has been raining a lot lately
  • the football team recruited a good new placekicker
  • there is a lot of fog in the mornings

Erik fisher football dream update.

Paul Fishers is the youngest of the family, He is mainly with his mom while Erik fisher is mainly with his dad playing football. Paul plays soccer and his sports achievements come after Erik's football achievements because football is more important to their dad. Paul hangs out with his mom and she and him are more of a team and Erik and their dad is a team.

MOYA close up

month of youth adolescent

MOYA stands for month of youth adolescent and three MOYA issues that are in the book tangerine are number one- Paul Fisher and Erik Fisher are constantly fighting , the cause is that Erik usually does something to upset Paul and Paul fights back which then causes a big argument between the two. Another MOYA issue is that Paul was being bullied at school because he had big glasses and he was being called eclipse boy Paul's brother Erik was the cause of everyone bullying him, because Erik started it everyone else continued it and that made Paul sad and a little angry. A final issue is that their dad really admires Erik and Paul might be a little jealous of the attention that Erik gets from their father Erik is a football star and his father is excited about his future in football but Paul is a little jealous that Erik gets all the attention.

Get ready for Middle school soccer tryouts!


Soccer tryouts are this weekend, come ready with your talent! for soccer tryouts you will need

  • shin guards
  • soccer socks
  • soccer ball
  • cleats
  • comfortable clothes to run in
  • a water bottle
  • soccer bag
  • *goalie gloves if you are interested in playing goalie

*If you make the team you will need to purchase a uniform

Can't wait to see all these young soccer stars !

Frequently Asked questions

Q:Where are soccer tryouts held?

A: they are held at the middle school

Q:What age groups will be there?
A: all middle school age groups

Q: what size soccer ball do they need?

A: size 5

Q:what time are tryouts?

A: 12:00 noon to 5:00 P.M

Tangerine Times

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Tragedy Strikes!

this week Mike Costello faced an unfortunate death. what happened was he was at football practice when he was leaning on the post and the metal must have attracted lightning and he got struck, he flew up in the air and he landed hard, everybody rushed over to him but he was already dead. everyone started to dial 911 but when they arrived they were already too late. such a tragedy.