Big Brothers Big Sisters Newsletter

June 2012 Vol. 2.0

What's happening this summer?

June 11th: We are hosting a sports clinic for all of our "Littles". We will be trying out all kinds of sport from baseball to soccer to dance! RSVP so we know what snacks to have via or via phone/email.

All summer: We will be hosting "Mentoring Moments" where we will be taking our "Littles" to meet people who are doing cool stuff in our community. Building a kayak in your garage? We want to meet you! Please let us know if you have some cool recommendations and we will be sending out specific dates in July

Check ins!

Don't forget your quarterly contact

It is a requirement of our Big Brothers Big Sisters accreditation - the rules that govern our organization - that you check in with us a minimum of every 3 months. We have developed a policy about matches that if you fail to check in within 2 weeks of your check in date, you will receive a letter that we may have to close the match. If you fail to check in within 2 weeks of receiving the letter and we still don't hear from you we will need to close the match. Please let us know if you have any questions about the policy - we need to hear from every match member - parents, "littles" and "Bigs". Successful matches are all of our responsibility!!

About us

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cranbrook has been creating friendships since 1977 and have numerous programs that meet the needs of children throughout the community.