This Week in American History

Week of September 7, 2015

In Class This Week....

This week, we have started our unit over English Colonies in America (CH 3 of the textbook). We begin by talking about the first colonies: Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth, and continue looking at the other nations that started colonies in the middle and southern part of Colonial America. In class, the students are completing a CSI Investigation over the Lost Colony of Roanoke and a web quest over the colony of Jamestown.

On Tuesday, I uploaded a test correction assignment to Google Classroom. Test Corrections are optional, but students can earn back half of the points that they lost by correcting the questions that they missed. To correct the test, the students complete a chart where I have them identify what their wrong answers were, why they are wrong, what the correct answers are, and why they are correct. Test corrections are open to all students who missed at least 1 question on the test. Test Corrections will be Due on Monday September 14.


Our test over Chapter 3 is scheduled for Friday September 18, 2015. A study guide for the test will be placed on Google Classroom on Friday of this week. While optional, I encourage the students to complete the study guide- they contain all of the test questions.