Kim Bullock-Hennix

Lifestyle & Abundance Coach

Who is Kim Bullock-Hennix?

Lifestyle and Abundance Coach, Kim Bullock-Hennix, is the voice for women that empowers them to transition their lifestyle from scarcity to overflow and develop a mindset of abundance. Kim’s area of specialty is in elevating women with underdeveloped mindsets and weak spiritual relationships by coaching them to unleash the queen within to reign supreme in all they do. She teaches women to multiply their income deserve level to match their dreams, not shrink their dreams to match their current mindset blocks, lack, or financial struggles. Kim’s signature program “Lack to Luxury™”, has been a huge success, impacting the lives of countless women worldwide.

Kim serves the masses as a Lifestyle & Abundance Coach, Public event/Seminar host, National Transformational Speaker, Spiritual Mentor, Mastermind Facilitator and Elevation Mindset Expert, and radio show host of Brown Suga Radio. She is passionate about teaching women how to walk in their power and authority as a daughter of the King. “They are royalty and I often use the catch phrase "Crown On", to remind them of their royal inheritance.” ~Kim Bullock-Hennix

Kim enjoys serving women to achieve greatness with her uniquely designed Diamond & Platinum Coaching Packages, Enriching online Group Programs, and Phenomenal Women Empowerment Seminars. She is the founder of the Ambitious Women™ Movement and Leader in her Facebook Group with over 6,100 members that she inspires. Kim has a global influence of more than 40K followers on her Facebook business page, Transforming Lives One Day At A Time!

Transforming Lives One Day At A Time...