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Sept 25-29, 2017

From Bret-

Here are procedures regarding security issues with student chromebooks.

Here are procedures regarding transgender students.

Effective school correlate #5 is Opportunity to Learn and Time on Task which includes:

· Curriculum is interdisciplinary as opposed to subjects taught in isolation.

· Teachers clearly understand essential learning standards/targets versus material that’s “nice to know or fun to teach.”

· Staff understand some things are more important than others.

· Staff understand learning time is the variable they can control so students who need more time for mastery get it.

· Staff understand that disadvantaged students need more time to achieve mastery.


Monday, Sep. 25th, 2:30pm

1405 South Scenic Avenue

Springfield, MO

Looking forward to seeing you at the SAESP meeting at Fire Station #8, 2:30-4:00pm this Monday!

from J-

This week I came across an different definition of love. This definition includes a commitment to people you lead and serve, and actions that "contribute to someone's long term success and well-being." You're invited to recognize your influence, know your impact, and go beyond your role to inspire others where they may not go otherwise. Harvey Firestone said it like this: "The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership."

As a follow up to our Elementary Team discussion, I would ask you to reflect on the right mixture of support and pressure. I like the analogy of the rubberband. A rubberband was made to stretch, be stressed, pulled upon and expanded as it holds things together. We are asking our people to do the same: stretch, be pulled upon, and expand. Rubberbands and people to this remarkably well. The problem comes when there's too much of those things going on, and the rubberbands, or people, break. But your influence, impact and balancing when to pull upon and stretch your people, and knowing when to step in with the right support and ease up while constantly encouraging will ensure our students' greatest resource, our teachers, will be healthy and strong enough not to break.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the adults who directly teach and champion for our students, and for setting the learning cultures in our schools.
Why Teachers Suck...

Read this article so you know how the sentence is completed.

From the AAA Team-

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, September 27th – Core Data reporting date set by DESE. All students attending SPS should be enrolled and scheduled in eSchool for district data reporting purposes. Also, all non-attending students should be withdrawn back to the last date of attendance.

  • Friday, September 29th – Beginning of Year (BOY) i-Ready window closes. All K-8 students need to complete the i-Ready reading and math diagnostic.

  • October 5th – October 13th – 1st quarter EOC testing window for Government.

Data Bytes

The district’s data warehouse is currently under construction. SPS Analytics will make its debut December 2017! Currently, the team is in the process of blueprinting building profiles and departmental dashboards. To stay up-to-date with the deployment of SPS Analytics, follow us on Twitter @SPSAnalytics!

Please let us know if you have any eSchool, assessment or data questions. We are happy to help!

AAA Department


Finished Learning? Finished Teaching

That moment we think we have everything figured out and are finished learning? That’s when we are finished teaching.

from Information Tech-

· Our bi-yearly BrightBytes survey opens on September 25th and will close October 13th. BrightBytes continues to inform strategic plan and site improvement goals.

· With the year well underway we have started to take questions the process of addressing concerns about security incidents involving Chromebooks. If you believe there has been illegal activity on a Chromebook the first and most important step is to secure the Chromebook. From there please obtain the username and password then contact your security resource officer. After logging into the Chromebook with the username and password you can view the contents by pressing ALT+SHIFT+M.

· The IT department will begin pickups of broken headphones beginning next week. Please have your instructional technologists collect any broken headphones into a bin and we’ll provide a new bin when we collect them.

School Officer's football game cheer goes viral

Check it this school resource officer leading a cheer at the football game. So fun!