Andrew Jackson's feats

Worcester VS Jackson

When Georgia wanted the Cherokee out of 'their' land, they threatened to secede and took the matter to court. The current native owners of the land had actually changed with their surroundings; therefor adopting some of their white neighbor's customs. They learned to write and make papers on the daily goings-on in the village, and even learned how to wear 'civilized' clothes. These facts made the Supreme court believe that the Cherokee were their own nation, and the current judge, Worcester, declared that the natives had their own nation, and that they could keep their land and disregard Georgia's rules (unless, of course, they moved into Georgian territory). Of course Jackson didn't give a flying feather about anything coming from the court and in the end decided the natives would be moved out in his fear that stubborn state would still be determined to leave the union if the natives weren't taken care of.

Spoils System

Ah, the right way to get yourself voted into presidency and hire your closest friends that voted for you because they got to join you with their new government position they have no idea how to work. This is exactly what Jackson did. He rewarded his supporters with most likely cabinet positions and probably screwed up the government with untrained noobs that had no idea what they were doing in the first place. This caused many people who needed jobs to become upset, and demand government positions. This system quickly became a problem.

Expanded Sufferage

Well, after talking about all the stupid stuff this guy did, let's move on with something that actually made a good change (I know Georgia in the end didn't secede when the natives were moved, but, THINK OF THE INDIANS, PEOPLE!). Since Jackson was a man born and raised in the country, he finally allowed white males with little land or money to vote. Of course, they all voted for him on his second term, which that probably was Jackson's genius plan in the first place. Or he loved his homeland. Who knows.
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This cartoon depicts Jackson hanging a person with the text "Jackson is to be president, and you will be HANGED."

I thought immediately that this was Jackson in all his Jack Skellington-ness hanging his second term vice president John. C. Calhoun for supporting that the tariff on on imported goods be lowered or nullified; being that he was from the South, and this tariff would hurt them. As Calhoun started a rebellion in the South against the tariff, Jackson threatened to hang his vice president on the first tree he saw if he didn't shut down the rebellion and get his rear end back to DC.


From- Jackson supporter

Mr. Jackson only did those seemingly bad things 'cause he knew if he didn't, somethin' bad would happen that would affect the the country as a whole. As for movin' the natives out, he only did it to keep Georgia from seceding, which would affect the country as a whole. But I do agree that Jackson's suffrage expansion wasn't only helpful, but clever. I do think that hangin' his Vice was a little drastic, but you have to give him credit for shuttin' down a potential rebellion!

From- Jackson H8ter

I, like, SO agree with you! He should not have, like, NOT moved those natives out. Like, what were THEY doing to get so much hate? And that spoils system? PFFFT, why does that even, like, exist? And, like, threatening to hang someone because they're, like, starting a rebellion against a bad cause for a good reason, is like, SO, like, irrational! Like, the only good thing Jackson did was expand suffrage!