Peak expedition

Economic impact

It is increasing the role of the tourism in the Sherpa economy and assesses changes in land use,environment, and culture.

it takes 3 days Everest climbers to get to the Nepal boarder.

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    The climate of Mount Everest is naturally extreme. In January, the coldest month, the summit temperature averages about -36° C (about -33° F) and can drop as low as -60° C (-76° F). In July, the warmest month, the average summit temperature is -19° C (-2° F).

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preparation for climbing

Prospective Everest climbers train in a variety of ways. Swimming, running,biking, weight lifting and climbing are all excellent ways to improve physical condition. Endurance, stamina, and strength are all necessary. In anticipation of weight loss on Everest, most prospective climbers try to gain a little weight before their trip.

Although Everest does not require the technical climbing skills of some shorter mountains, a thorough grounding in climbing techniques is important before attempting it. Because of the extreme conditions and unpredictable nature of Everest, even the most experienced mountaineers can get into trouble.

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Holly angelo's report

Holly Angelo is a New York reporter who comes to climb and interview Peak while on Everest.

In the beginning, Holly is a girly-girl who only really cares about herself. Many people thought she wouldn't make it past the first camp but Holly proved them wrong by being tougher than they thought.

After climbing as high as she did, Holly was humbled by the huge mountain.

Holly also turns out to be very considerate, by taking care of and watching after Sun-jo while he was sick.

Overall, Holly became a new person after she climbed Everest.!__holly-angelo

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Biography of josh wood

Joshua Woods, better known as Peaks father, was the main reason Peak started climbing Mt. Everest.

Josh could be very self-centered because he is only concerned about making money and publicity for his business, PEAK Experience.

When Peak needs to get out of town because of his stunt with the skyscrapers, it's Josh to the rescue. Josh knows if his son reaches the summit of Everest before his birthday, he will be the youngest person to ever reach the top of the world. With this, comes a lot of publicity, which means money for PEAK Experience.

Josh also was irresponsible with Peak, letting him stay in a hotel by himself in a different city.

Joshua really wanted Peak to summit, but for all of the wrong reasons. Not just so Peak could have the experience of summing, but for the money.!__joshua-woods

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Biography of peak

Peak has a passion for climbing. It doesn't matter if it's a skyscraper or the top of Mt. Everest. While climbing a skyscraper, he is caught and sent to a Juvenile Detention Center. When on trial Peak’s father, Joshua Woods, shows up. Josh hasn't seen his son for years but then decides to show up and take him to where he lives in a foreign country. While there, Peak is determined to make it to the summit of Mt. Everest.

Peak really wanted to reach the summit no matter what it took. He learned you had to care about no one but yourself when it comes to climbing Everest.

When only steps away from the summit, Peak makes a non-selfish decision, he lets Sun-jo reach the top. He wanted Sun-jo to have the money to help keep his sisters in school.

At times, he could be un-social because he would rather listen than talk. Peak attends Green Street School for the gifted. He attends the school, where people think he will become a writer.

Peak over-all goes through a lot of changes through out the book but mostly for the better.!__peak-marcello

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Biography of sunjo

Sun-jo is Zopa's grandson and becomes Peak's friend, throughout the story. Sun-jo is a very self-less person because he risks his life and years of imprisonment to keep his sisters in school. When Zopa admitted that Sun-jo was his grandson, Sun-jo felt bad for not telling Peak the truth.

Sun-jo was very optimistic even when he was sick, he would try to make the best of the situation.

When Peak told Sun-jo he was going to let him reach the summit without him, he was very grateful and was appreciative for what Peak was doing. If he was the youngest person to reach the top of the world, he would receive money for his mother and sisters.

Sun-jo was a "sunny" character, and was respectful to everyone.!__sun-jo

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Biography of zopa

Zopa is Peak's "protector", he watches over him throughout the climb. He is a very mysterious man. He doesn't speak very often but when he does, it is very wise. He helps the climbers by telling them when the weather is good and to climb the mountain. He is not your average monk. Zopa has been to the top of Everest so many times, he has lost count. He is a strong man, on the inside and out.

When Peak arrives in Kathmandu, Zopa takes him to get climbing gear and watches after him.

Zopa is a kind man with good intentions, because he try’s to get Sun-jo to the summit to help his family, but doesn't always tell Josh and Peak everything when he needs to.!__zopa

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